Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi


Rehabilitation describes specialized healthcare dedicated to improving, maintaining or restoring physical strength, cognition and mobility with maximized results. Typically, rehabilitation helps people gain greater independence after illness, injury or surgery. Rehabilitation can also be explained as the process of helping an individual to achieve the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possible. Rehabilitation does not reverse or undo the damage caused by disease or trauma, but rather helps restore the individual to optimal health, functioning, and well-being.


Any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body.


The level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism.


The process of adapting or adjusting to someone or something.


Patients suffering from severe and persistent mental illness require rehabilitation. The goal of psychiatric rehabilitation is to help disabled individuals to develop the emotional, social and intellectual skills needed to live, learn and work in the community. The overall philosophy of rehabilitation comprises two intervention strategies. First strategy is individual-centered and aims at developing the patient's skills in interacting with a stressful environment. The second strategy is ecological and developing environmental resources to reduce potential stressors. Most disabled persons need a combination of both approaches. The refinement of psychiatric rehabilitation has achieved a point where it should be made readily available for every disabled person.


Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi (SS Samithi) Psycho-Social Rehabilitation centre functions for the mentally challenged. The centre operates to preserve and promote mental health. The programs includes diffrent activities like medical treatment, corrective and preventive activities to improve mental health for those who are retarded and so. Orphans and persons with various mental illness are the inmates of this organization. They are served with delicious food, treatment, counseling, vocational training, recreation and education programmes. The institution is registered under PWD Act No.13/13/PRC/under rule 5 of Kerala State Social Justice Department.