Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi


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Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi


At present, we are able to accommodate about 400 mentally disabled persons taken from the streets. They include men and women. The mental patients are given the best medical treatment with the help of Government Hospitals. Apart from the existing 400 inmates, the Samithi was able to send back home about 600 persons who had fully recovered from illness.


It was started on 15th August 1998 at Mayyanad , 15 kms away from Kollam city. Registered as a public charitable trust. We promote the social, economical and health care status of the most marginalized, neglected, mentally retarded and physically handicapped down trodden people.


On 22nd March 1996 seven of the founding members coming from different walks of the life form the first board of trustees and got the SS Samithi registered as a public charitable trust with the government (No.Q.90/96).

Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi

On August 15,1994 a few individuals of social standing in Kollam district of Kerala met together and decided to form an organization for humanitarian services. They were particularly moved by the pitiful condition of poor destitute patients in the general ward of the Government District Hospital, Kollam.



The Vision of Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi is the promotion of humanitarian activities with emphasis on the spiritual development of human beings.


Our Mission is that not even a single human being should be left out in the street without fulfilling their basic needs like food, cloth, shelter and medicine.

Aims & Objective

Rendering spiritual and temporal assistance and relief to those who are in need, to provide food clothing, shelter, and treatment for all the poor , sick, and needy people. It is our ultimate motto and sincere effort that no one in the street is left without fulfilling their basic right to live and the need of food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.