The Team-Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi Abhayakendram

The Team

We have engaged well qualified and experienced Psychiatric Social workers, Nurses, Pharmacist, care givers to serve our inmates in a better and modern way. In the administration side we have engaged office manager, accountants, cashier, attenders and drivers. The details of staff working under S.S.Samithi Abhayakendram, Mayyanad as on 23.11.2016.

1 K V Varghese C.E.O
2 Neppolian Project Manager
3 Saju Nalleparampil P R O
4 Joseph A.K. Psy. Social Worker
5 Aneesha P S Psy. Social Worker
6 Kavya B Dileep Psy. Social Worker
7 Martin Joseph Psy. Social Worker
8 Nimmy M Staff Nurse
9 Sijimol N S Staff Nurse
10 Annamma Alphonse Staff Nurse
11 Shyam Raj R Staff Nurse
12 Shijan A Staff Nurse
13 Abraham Thomas Physio Therapist
14 Thomas G Computer Operator
15 Sinila Varghese Receptionist